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Relationship Advice Online: Most of us at one point or another in our lives will find ourselves in a difficult spot in our relationship. It can be tough to know which way to turn. There is help though, seeking out relationship advice online is one way to go.

For most people when faced with a crisis, of any kind, the first thing they do is talk things over with family or friends. And often, that’s all it takes. Usually our problems aren’t so in depth that it takes much more than a shoulder to cry on and a little tlc.

Sometimes, however, our problems go much deeper and not only do we need good advice, we need good un-biased advice, and that is something you can not go to your family and friends for. They will have their opinion sure, but it won’t be unbiased. More than likely they will take your side in most everything…even if you’re the one who is wrong.

If you’re trying to salvage a relationship, that is not what you need. You need an objective person to tell you the truth, even the things you may not want to really hear. The painful truths, often the ones we run away from, are usually just what we need to hear.

Hiring a professional counselor or therapist can be a good way to go too. But before you do, keep a few things in mind. Therapists are just like any other group of professionals, some are better than others.

You should be particularly careful when choosing a faith based counselor. Why? Because sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes they will encourage you to stay in your relationship at all costs. They may be more concerned with their own religious beliefs and their bias against getting a divorce than they are for your well being and happiness. And the really bad part is they may not even realize they are doing it.

Now, I want to be clear. Using a faith based counseling service isn’t a bad idea, just remember that everyone has an opinion, even non faith based therapists will have their own opinions, just make sure whatever therapist you see isn’t blinded by their own opinion to the detriment of helping you figure out the best course of action for you.

And, last but not least, you can always use the enormous resources of the internet to help with your relationship questions. You could find forums, chat rooms, blogs, etc on relationships and relationship advice.

As with any other type of counseling just make sure you take everything with a grain of salt. Using online resources can be easier for some people since many people have a hard time opening up about personal issues face to face.

It can sometimes be easier to ‘spill your guts’ anonymously online. That can be a huge benefit since total honesty will be necessary to make the necessary changes in your life and to help you in your relationship.

So, if you’re facing issues in your relationship and you want to get help just remember that you don’t have to rely only on the ‘traditional’ offline methods. There is plenty of very good relationship advice online that can help you sort out all of your relationship issues.

Relationship Advice For Women Five Tips On Avoiding Heartache

As you’ve probably noticed, there’s no shortage of relationship advice for women on how to get a boyfriend or deal with relationship problems. The lack seems to be somewhere in the middle: how do you avoid bad relationships in the first place?

Know who you’re looking for

When it comes to our love lives, most of us spend way too much time trying to be attractive to men in general and not nearly enough on deciding what type of man we’re really trying to attract. I’m not counting those fantasies about the tall, dark, and handsome wealthy investment banker who spends his weekends pirating on the high seas, either. I mean really thinking about the important character attributes of your ideal guy.

Watch out for major contradictions in your expectations, too. For instance, if you love the strong silent type, don’t complain when your macho man has a hard time sharing his feelings.

Establish your boundaries

Boundaries, popularly known as “deal breakers,” are your signals to leave a relationship ASAP. They’re things like physical abuse, criminal background, and addictions.

Here’s the thing, though: you need to decide what your boundaries are before you get involved with anyone. Once you’re romantically and physically involved—or even worse, financially entangled—it’s way too easy to start making excuses for his behavior.

One good piece of relationship advice for women is to share your deal breakers with a friend. That way, when you call her up to complain, she’ll give you a nudge by saying something like, “But didn’t you swear you’d break up with any guy who did that?”

Learn the warning signs

Tired of getting hurt by the same things over and over again? Most likely your man radar is broken. To fix it, learn the early warning signs that can
show you when your love interest is likely to be a cheater, physical abuser, alcoholic, or whatever else it is you want to avoid. This way you can filter out the noise and focus in on the good men. If you need pointers, relationship advice for women who’ve dealt with these kinds of guys can help you out.

Listen to your gut

How many times have you heard this one? Well, it’s one of the most often repeated pieces of relationship advice for women because it’s so true. In relationships, more than anywhere else, a gut feeling alone can tell you when things just aren’t going to work out. Don’t ignore your instincts.

Beware of instant attraction

Just about all of us have met at least one woman who swears she knew she’d found her soul mate the moment she set eyes upon the man who’s now her husband. It does happen. Chalk that one up to instinct, too, I guess.

More often, though, instant attraction eventually leaves you dazed and miserable from a whirlwind affair that crashed in less than a month. If you feel yourself irresistibly attracted to a man you just met, take a step back and ask yourself why? If you can’t see any major stop signs, go ahead and get to know the guy, but take it slower than you normally would. A strong initial attraction should make you more cautious, not less.

Before you read any more relationship advice for women, take some time to get clear on your own needs and desires. Decide what kind of man you’re looking for and set clear boundaries and you’ll give yourself a much better chance of avoiding heartache in the future.


Can You Trust Relationship Advice Online

Look up any problem you may be having and you will find plenty of relationship advice online. But how do you know whether you can trust it or not?

I guess the answer to that question is does it make sense to you? If the person giving the advice has opinions and thoughts that are the opposite of what you personally believe in then you are not going to have much faith in them.

However, if someone strikes a chord with you, you will probably listen to them. Personally I believe that it is important that the relationship advice online is provided by someone who has helped other couples already. How will you know if that has happened? You should see plenty of testimonials from happy clients or readers of the website. If twenty couples have benefited from the advice they received, it can’t all be bad right?

Relationships are by their nature very personal things. Sure there are some common themes in successful ones. Mutual respect, trust, caring, sexual attraction and love are just a few of them. You cannot expect a partnership to survive without these. It would be the same as expecting a plant to live without sunshine and water.

If you and your other half are having problems, you need to address the issues and soon. You cannot just ignore them as they tend to grow rapidly and can eventually cause you to split up. You have the option of going for counseling either separately or together but sometimes people do not want to sit opposite a stranger for fear they will judge them. If you feel like this, the anonymity of contacting someone online will be very attractive to you.

So how do you keep the relationship healthy so you can minimise your chances of needing relationship advice online or otherwise? You need to treat each other with care. You are both individual human beings with your own needs, wants and desires. Sometimes it can be easy to take each other for granted. Your partner may start feeling left out as you go about saving the world and its problems. Or you may be very busy at work and too tired to make time for them when you do get home.

Try arranging a date night at least once a week for you two to share some fun and conversation. You must set up some rules before hand for example, you have to behave like you did when you were dating i.e. no talk of the kids, the row you had last week or your mother in law. You should dress up and make an effort just as you would on a date. And don’t put pressure on each other to end up in the bedroom. You should make more of an effort in the bedroom department too but it is only one part of your overall partnership.

If you are having problems, why not try relationship advice online. After all you have more to gain than you can lose!

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